To presents the epitome of the development of human civilization, stories drifting in the torrent of time. STORY Crafts Co. devotees the retro style accessories imbue with an uneven handmade warmth. Made from ancient raw materials such as antique glass beads, trade beads, natural stone and old pieces. Respect and inspire from the history of humanities, keep traces of the years. Influenced by the simplicity of traditional Native Americans, the persistence of art of continental religion, and the Japanese Zen Buddhism. Turn these elements into inspiration to re-render and improve, and shape the worldview that belongs to STORY.

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  • Miner Turquoise Bracelet [礦工綠松石珠串]

    - 主掛件為錢幣鋅合金扣
    - 配6mm天然綠松石,合金及黃銅隔珠
    - 黑色真牛皮調節大小
    - 中性設計,男女通用